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Customers using multi-function current account will receive benefits as follows

  • Free-of-charge bill payment service using “Multi-function current account” (water, electricity, Internet, flight tickets, homephone, mobile phone, topup,etc.);
  • Waived fee of such services as: Balance confirmation, account blockade, account statement, duplicating documents for Multi-function current account.
  • Free for first ATM issuance (including the fee for instant issuance at Ho Chi Minh City).
  • Preferential fee for service of money remittance in- and out-side SCB’s system using “Multi-function current account” (at counters or via eBanking) with remittance amount of maximum VND3 billion/day
  • Maintenance balance: minimum of VND500,000.
  • Interest rate:
    Deposit balance at the end of each dayInterest rate (%/year)
    From VND5 million 1%

    Notes: The above-mentioned interest rate is subject to change from time to time to accommodate to the interest rates of the market, regulations of State Bank of Vietnam and is applied to the deposit balance from the time of adjustment.
  • Interest calculation

    Interest is calculated daily and accumulated monthly into the principal amount:

    Daily interest = Deposit balance at the end of each day x Interest rate announced by SCB corresponding to the deposit balance at the end of each day

    Notes: Deposit balance at the end of each day which is less than VND5,000,000 will not be considered for interest earning.

invididual customers of opening current account in VND.

  • Customers using Multi-function current account will not receive the above preferential benefits if the balance maintained in the account is less than the required minimum balance.
  • SCB reserves the rights to carry out this program, wholly or partly change any contents of the regulations for participation:
    • In case the regulations for participation is adjusted by SCB, those amendments will take effect from the time of adjustment.
    • In case SCB terminates this program, the “Multi-function current accounts” will become “Regular current accounts” with relevant preferences.
  • Customers are allowed to close the “Multi-function current account” when the account has been maintained for 1 month or longer.
  • In case customers close the “Multi-function current account” maintained at SCB less than 12 months, SCB will collects the fee of closing account as per fee schedule.
  • Other regulations will be subject to SCb’s Regulations on opening and using account.


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