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Duration: until 20/07/2017
Customers opening new deposit accounts with the 06-month term and above will receive gifts corresponding with the deposit balance, as follows:
Deposit balanceType of giftsGift value (VND)
From VND300 million to less than VND500 million
  • Thermos bottle; or;
  • Topup; or;
  • Voucher; or;
  • Gifts with equivalent value.
From VND500 million to less than VND1 billion
  • SCB MasterCard Debit Card with equivalent value.
From VND1 billion to less than VND2 billion 300,000
From VND2 billion to less than VND3 billion 500,000
From VND3 billion to less than VND5 billion 800,000
From VND5 billion and above 1.000,000


  • The deposit balance will be calculated on each deposit account.
  • VAT is included in the gift value.
  • Customers will receive the preference after activating SCB Master Debit Cards. In case customers were issued SCB Master Debit Cards, the preference value will be credited to current accounts connected with SCB Master Debit Cards.

individual customers opening new deposit accounts in VND at counters with the 06-month term and above for all type of interest receipt (inapplicable to Phuc An Khang accumulative product and Flexible accumulation deposit)

  • Each customer is allowed to receive only 01 gift during the implementation of this program.
  • For gift as SCB Master Debit Card,  customers will receive the SCB Master Debit Card as gift within 30 days from the day of opening new deposit account.
  • Customers participating in this program will be entitled to preferences from current deposit policies/programs (if eligible).
  • In case customers have received gifts from this program, if customers increase the deposit amount and are eligible for the gifts of higher value, customers is required to return the value of the received gifts to receive the appropriate higher-valued gifts. As for gifts as SCB Master Debit Card, SCB will credit the difference from the preferential value to the current accounts linked with customers’ SCB Master Debit Card.
  • Regulations on fund withdrawal prior to maturity:
    • Full withdrawal prior to maturity: Customers must return to SCB the entire received gift value.
    • Partial withdrawal prior to maturity:
      • If the remaining deposit balance is equivalent to minimum balance for gift receipt, customers do not have to return to SCB the received gift value.
      • If the remaining deposit balance is eligible for the gift with lower value, customers have to return the difference.
      • If the remaining deposit balance is less than VND300 million, customers have to return the entire the received gift value.
  • Other contents will be complied with regulations of SCB and relevant laws on promotion.


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