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Implementation: From 11/09/2017 to 31/10/2017 or until gifts are all given out (whichever comes first).

Unit: Item

 HelmetUmbrella (type 2)Umbrella
(type 1)
1. For VIP customers and customers of existing deposits
Sapphire VIP   1    
Ruby VIP 1      
Dimond VIP     1  

Customers of term deposits satisfy both the following conditions:

  • Condition 1: Total current balance of minimum VND500 million.
  • Condition 2: Average total banlance for the last 06 months of minimum VND500 million.
Customers of demand deposits with an average balance of minimum VND100 million 1      
2. For customers of new deposits        
VND300 million ≤ deposits < VND1billion 1      
VND1 billion ≤  deposits < VND2 billion     1  
VND2 billion ≤  deposits < VND3 billion 1   1  
+ HoChiMinh City and Hanoi       1
+ Other areas 1   1  

1.   Customers of existing deposits

Gifts received wil not be returned to SCB in any cases.

2.  Customers of new deposits

New deposit of at least 06 months are opened from 11/9/2017 to 31/10/2017 (excluding Phuc An Khang Accumulative deposit, Flexible Accumulative deposit, Bond products and Certificate of Deposits).

Gifts are offered based on a deposit account. It is not allowed to accumulate balances on different deposit accounts.

Withdrawal before maturity:

  • Full withdrawal before maturity: the value of gifts received must be returned to SCB.
  • Partial withdrawal before maturity:
    • If the remaining balance still meets the qualification for the gifts received, customers are not required to return the value of gifts received to SCB.
    • If the remaining balance only meets the qualification of other gifts of less value, customers are required to return the difference between the value of gifts received and the value of gifts of less value to SCB.
    • If the remaining balance is less than VND300 million, customers must return the value of all gifts received.

In case of the deposit ownership  transferred to another person, the gifts received are subject to the agreement between the former owner and the new owner. If the new owner closes the deposit account before maturity, she/he must return the value of gifts to SCB.

3.  Other regulations

  • For further information, please contact: Hotline: 1800 545438 or any nearby (Sub)branches of SCB


1800 5454 38          callcenter@scb.com.vn          Branch/Transaction Offices