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Implementation period: available up to 28/04/2017.
Term of deposits

Bonus interest rate (% p.a.)

From 06 month or above 0,05

Notes: The bonus interest rate will be added to the interest rate of the deposit  at  issuance of savings account.

Individual customers opening new savings accounts in VND at counters for terms of 06 months or above of any method of interest payment (excluding Phuc An Khang Accumulative product and Flexible Accumulation product).

  • Minimum deposit amount: From VND50,000,000.
  • Premature withdrawal in part/in full is permitted as per the corresponding regulations on the products.
  • For premature withdrawal in part:
    • The prematurely withdrawn amount enjoys the lowest interest rate for the non-term deposits at the time of withdrawal, the remaining amount maintained to the maturity will enjoy the preferential interest rates under this program.
    • The remaining amount must not be lower than VND50,000,000.
  • For deposits on which the interests are paid before maturity, customers are required to return to SCB the interest amount received proportionate to the prematurely withdrawn amount of deposits.
  • Benefits of other programs/policies are also applied to this program (if eligible).


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