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Implementation: Frequently, from 26/05/2016.
  • Each qualified customer will receive an insurance policy issued by Bao Long Insurance Coporation under the program AN TÂM TÀI CHÍNH - BẢO TOÀN UY TÍN.
  • The insured: is the owner of the loan contract, at 18 to 65 years old on the date insurance policy takes effect and not over 66 year old on the expire date of insurance policy. The age of the insured person is calculated on the year of birth (regardless of day & month).
  • Beneficiary: Sai Gon Joint Stock Commercial Bank (in case of arising insurance event).
  • Validity period: equivalent to loan period or remaining time of the loan contract.
  • Termination:Insurance policy ends on the earliest of the following dates:
    • The date when the loan contract expires.
    • The date when the insured is 66 years old.
    • The date when the settlement of rights and obligations arising from the event has been fulfilled.
  • Insurance event: when the Insured is dead or totally & pemanently injured resulting from accident and/or disease, maternity during the insurance validity (except events belong to insurance liability exclusions).
  • Insured amount: actual loan balance at the point of time when insurance event occurs, but not exceeding (five) VND5 billion/ customer.
  • Insured benefits: within insured period, should the insurance event arise under the insured scope, Bao Long Insurance Corporation will settle the insured amount to SCB. SCB will use this sum to repay for the loan that customers have not repaid for SCB.

Customers qualified for loan conditions and not yet rewarded with an insurance policy under the program “AN TÂM TIÊU DÙNG – BẢO TOÀN UY TÍN”

  • Customers qualified for benefits of this program are also entitled to benefits from other programs/policies (if qualified).
  • SCB reserves full right to decide whether or not to continue, change in part or in whole the content of this program.
  • Other contents are subject to SCB’s regulations on lending.


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