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The “Foreign Currency Conversion” Product is the form of conversion of foreign currency balance on customer’s savings book or current account to another foreign currency due to their usage needs.

  • The “Foreign Currency Conversion” Product is designed to serve customers in need of foreign currency conversion for keeping, transferring purposes, or for preventing risks relating to exchange rate.
  • Various types of foreign currency to be converted: SCB perform the conversion with available foreign currencies: EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD, SGD, JPY, CHF and USD;
  • Conversion Amount: full or partial balance on savings book / current account can be made. There is no limits to total times of conversion, amount converted or kinds of foreign currencies (provided within the list of SCB’s available foreign currencies)
  • The new balance on savings book / current account after the conversion will have interest as per SCB’s regulations
  • In case customers want to withdraw cash: SCB will return customers in original foreign currency at the time depositing or VND equivalent with current exchange rate at customers’ request. However, at the time of withdrawal, if the converted foreign currency (the currency kept by customers after the conversion) is available, SCB can arrange to pay customers by that currency.
  • All conversion transactions are free of charge.
  • The exchange rates follow those in FX international market (subject to the volume of transactions).
  • Individual customers having savings book or maintaining current account in foreign currency.
  • Corporate customers maintaining current account in foreign currency.
  • Customers contact SCB’s transaction outlets for the exchange rate at that specific time.
  • Presenting ID, savings book in foreign currency to make the foreign currency conversion.
  • Complete the Conversion Application Form (SCB’s form).
  • When the exchange rate has been confirmed by SCB officer in SCB’s transaction outlets, the foreign currency conversion is deemed to come into being and can not be canceled.


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In case there is any differences between information posted in this website and that shown in documents (contracts, saving books, registration forms etc…) with SCB stamp and SCB authorized signatures; such documents (with official SCB stamp and authorized signatures) will be considered to be legal basis for defining rights and responsibilities of parties concerned.