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SCB’s Service of Collection and Exchange of unqualified money for circulation is applied to customers having torn or damaged money unqualified in circulation as State Bank’s regulation. Accordingly, customers can come to SCB to exchange these kinds of money for another ones in VND being qualified for circulation.

  • Convenient and quick
  • Not be limited on the quantity to be exchanged.
  • Professional staff members.
  • Type of currency: VND.
  • Classification of unqualified cash for circulation:
    SCB will collect and exchange the unqualified money for circulation classified as follows:
    • Case 1: Money is torn or damaged due to the circulation process.
    • Case 2: Money is torn or damaged due to the preservation process.
    • Case 3: Money contains technical errors caused during the process of printing and minting of the manufacturers.
  • The minimum amount for collecting and exchanging: not regulated.
  • Fee of collecting and exchanging: subject to SCB’s current Fee Schedule.

No procedure is required when using the Collection and Exchange Service of unqualified money for circulation of SCB.

  • After exchanging, customers must check and count cash before leaving SCB’s counter. SCB is not responsible for compensating the missing or lost cash when customers already left SCB’s counter.
  • Where it is imposible to determine whether the money satisfies the conditions for exchange or not, Customers to fill out the Request cum Minute of Delivery and Receitp of money for the appraisal. SCB will send the money to the State Bank in for appraisal. Upon receipt of the result, SCB will return to/ collect and exchange for customers as per regulations.


1800 5454 38          callcenter@scb.com.vn          Branch/Transaction Offices

In case there is any differences between information posted in this website and that shown in documents (contracts, saving books, registration forms etc…) with SCB stamp and SCB authorized signatures; such documents (with official SCB stamp and authorized signatures) will be considered to be legal basis for defining rights and responsibilities of parties concerned.