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Tan Viet Securities Incorporation (TVSI)


I. Object

Resident and non-resident individuals who need to make payment abroad by bank draft in compliance with regulations of the applicable foreign exchange control.

II. Description

  • Bank draft – “Hối phiếu ngân hàng” in Vietnamese – issued by a bank is a payment commitment of that bank to an overseas beneficiary in accordance with the bank’s local customer’s order
  • Bank draft can be made whether customer has deposit in foreign currency or not
  • Bank draft is dispatched to overseas beneficiary by customers at their own duty

III. Benefit

  • Customers’ diversified demands on using payment methods are satisfied
  • Whole-hearted and considerate staff
  • Free consultancy
  • Requirements in foreign currency are fully met
  • Competitive service fee

IV. Documents

  • Application for issuing bank draft (SCB’s form)
  • Application for buying foreign currency (if any)
  • Valid ID/PP of applicant
  • Full set of documents proving customers’ money transfer purpose (in accordance with periodical regulations of the foreign exchange control)


For further information, please feel free to contact any of the nearest branch or transaction office or the Call Center – Tel: 1800 545438 - 1900 555536

  • Customer using any saving products with SCB are protected with deposit insurance as per regulations of the Government and State Bank of Vietnam.
  • In case there is any differences between information posted in this website and that shown in documents (contracts, saving books, registration forms etc…) with SCB stamp and SCB authorized signatures; such documents (with official SCB stamp and authorized signatures) will be considered to be legal basis for defining rights and responsibilities of parties concerned.
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